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Culture Solutions

 Engagements with AAL, like most worthwhile journeys of growth and discovery, begin by understanding where you are, how you got here, and how to get to your intended destination.  Using proven, advanced culture analytics, we can provide answers to those questions through an understanding of how Communication, Alignment, Trust and Accountability present themselves and impact your organization today.


Tailored On-Site Programs

Once we understand the culture you're striving toward, we will tailor an onsite program to help you achieve your defined objectives around culture and leader development. Our primary objective with every engagement is sustained performance improvement.

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This transformative 1 or 2 day* experience brings the voice of your entire your organization together with the intention to either establish, review, or re-invigorate your overarching purpose and core values. In a world where resilience and adaptability are driving more and more organizations to strive toward values-based operating models, this program offers a deep, often emotional dive into what you stand for and what will drive you forward…together.

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*2 Days for an initial Purpose and Values discovery/development,

1 Day typically for a review or reaffirmation

Purpose & Values Workshop

A one or two day-long experience that brings the voice of your entire your organization together 

Contact us for more information.

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Culture and Leadership Boot Camp

A day long experience that provides an introduction into the importance of creating and sustaining a high performance culture. 

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This one day experience provides an inspiring yet comprehensive introduction into to the importance and the potential of creating and sustaining a high performance culture, and the leadership skills needed in order to get there. This new perspective on leadership for today's world is intended to bring value to individuals at all levels of your organization.

Contact us for more information.

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The crown jewel in any Culture and Leadership Program, this on-site program includes seven day-long sessions delivered over six months. The AAL Leadership Academy is designed to develop leaders that will create success in any organization across our 4-tiered developmental framework:


  • Leading Self: Purpose & Values, Mindset, Self-awareness/Self-management and Integrity

  • Leading IN Relationships: Empathy, Candor, Effective Communication and Trust

  • Leading IN Teams: Leader’s Intent, Caring/Challenging, Social Awareness, Coaching

  • Leading IN Organizations: Organizational Purpose & Ethos, Strategy, Agility and Efficiency

Participants will develop competency around a set of carefully curated core leadership fundamentals as well as a desire for continual individual growth and learning, long after the program has ended.


Contact us to learn more or to sign up.

The AAL Leadership

Seven day-long sessions over six months to help develop leaders that will create success in any organization

Contact us for more information.​


Culture Analytics

AAL culture analytics provide you with an ongoing tool to help you understand your organizational culture and employee wellbeing in an entirely new way. Requiring less than 5 minutes to complete, the Culture Five Snapshot offers you a data-driven, informed perspective to engage employees in actual dialogue around "What do WE need to talk about TODAY to create success for us ALL?" allowing you to better understand, engage and connect in building a sustained performance strategy. 


We have three elements of success for leader and culture development: Character, Competence and Connection. 

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Additionally, the AAL Culture5 gives you a powerful tool to:


  • Give employees a constructive platform to voice their thoughts and feelings on their work environment.

  • Provide insight into how they view your culture, their role within it, and what topics should be considered (today) to be best aligned with your purpose and values.

  • Focus on areas of improvement that will promote commitment and connection.

  • Retain and attract top talent.

  • Adapt and stay agile in a rapidly changing work environment.

  • Ensure you are equipped to meet the new challenges of tomorrow.


In short, culture analytics act as a lens into the heart of the organization, revealing its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, enabling the organizations to foster continuous improvement and achieve long term success.

You spend tremendous time, energy and resources establishing and sustaining Competence. You give considerable thought and reflection to define your purpose and values, which create clarity around your baseline standard for Character. And in a rapidly changing, complex world, filled with challenges and distraction, your culture is a critical indicator of Connection and can’t be dismissed in shaping and predicting performance.

By asking a handful of simple questions, the AAL Culture Five Snapshot will measurably answer several important questions:

  • Are your people feeling connected to, or distanced from, the organization?

  • What is the anxiety level within the organization?

  • What level of well-being exists, and ultimately..

  • Is your culture working for you or against the objectives of the organization?

And most importantly, the Culture Five Snapshot orients your leaders to leverage actual data to facilitate discussions around “What do WE need to talk about TODAY to create success for ALL of us?”


Coaching Programs
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Senior Leadership Team

Team coaching to develop trust, focus on purpose and company values, and collaborate for alignment.

Contact us for more information.

Individual Coaching

Designed to develop and accelerate the individual leader’s ability to effectively communicate, build trust and execute their responsibilities with character and empathy. Individual coaching participants will be matched with experienced coaches that will assess and design programs around the unique needs and objectives of the individual.

Three to six months minimum. Contact us for more information.​ 

Online Development Programs


Leadership in a Word

Our Leadership in a Word sessions are focused, monthly online experiences that last sixty minutes and are tailored to all levels of the organization. Sessions are led by experienced facilitators who engage participants to explore culture, leadership and well-being topics with peers from a variety of organizations and professions.  This dynamic, energizing program includes engaging online polling and a blend of large group discussion and small-group breakout sessions. 


Included with Leadership in a Word is a monthly professional reading group which includes developmental readings nominated and selected by our community.

Contact us to learn more and to sign up.

Fire Leadership Academy


The AAL Fire Leadership Academy

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“Before this class I had scattered thoughts of what leadership meant. AAL really gave me structure and I ended up utilizing concepts from the class quite often. It also allowed me to take a deeper look into myself and who I truly am as a person, and I am thankful for that.”

Fire Leadership Academy Online Curriculum & Program Details Brochure

Here's what Fire Chief Brian Fennessy had to say about the Fire Leadership Academy..



All American Leadership Expedition

"This was one of the great experiences of my adult life. The opportunity to spend time in a beautiful mountain wilderness area with a group of terrific people was priceless."

For nearly a decade, All American Leadership has partnered with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) to offer a unique opportunity — the All American Leadership Expedition (AALE) — a transformative growth experience, offering a unique exploration of 'self' and the nature of effective leadership, in Wyoming’s dramatic Wind River Range. 


Once a year, All American Leadership faculty members along with accomplished leaders from a variety of backgrounds come together and participate in the AAL/NOLS Leadership Expedition.


Contact us for more information about this extraordinary leadership experience!

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