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  • Creator and manager of the "University for People" at Southwest Airlines

  • Member of the Culture Committee at Southwest Airlines

  • Helped launch the largest mega startup in US aviation history, JetBlue Airways

  • Chief Culture Officer and Founder at The Culture Think Tank

  • Vistage Chair

My career began serendipitously when I took my first "real" job at Southwest Airlines in 1989. I was given abundant opportunities to learn and develop as a leader in the People Department. Eventually, I helped create the Southwest Airlines "University for People," where I managed the University, built and delivered curriculum to thousands of SWA leaders each year. There, I was able to foster growth and development among leaders, during the time SWA was rated as one of the Top Ten Places to Work in America. It was a blast! I was also given the opportunity to be a permanent member of the Culture Committee, where I learned first-hand what it takes to create and maintain a healthy corporate culture.

I left Southwest in the late 1990's to help create the largest "mega startup airline” in commercial aviation history, JetBlue Airways. Starting an airline was a terrific opportunity to build excellence from day one and hire, train, and encourage a unique corporate vision.

Now, as the Chief Culture Officer for the Culture Think Tank, I am doing the most exciting work of my career. We have identified a way to measure the previously immeasurable! We are able to give a true ROI to your work around culture, training, and development. Our tool provides a Culture Score and a Well-bring index to keep happy, engaged, and productive workplaces.

My greatest joy in my professional experience is helping leaders and teams break through whatever barriers they are facing to help them become great at what they do. I also love helping organizations create strong, palpable cultures where people love coming to work and customers enjoy the experience of being there.

In my spare time, I enjoy water skiing on Lake McQueeny in South Texas, or anywhere, really, and am currently on a quest to fish in all 50 states! 🎣 🐠 🐟

To learn more about Delise, you can watch her feature in the All American Leadership Interview Series:

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