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  • Retired Navy Captain

  • Nuclear trained Submariner and Carrier Strike Group Operations Officer in USN

  • Infrastructure lead in Ramadi Iraq

  • Commanded Aegis Destroyer, Fleet Shore Maintenance and Training Facility, and Aegis Cruiser

  • Senior Director of Operations and Maintenance for Blue Origin New Shephard Space Program

  • Vice President of Test and Launch Operations for ASTRA Space Co.

Doug enlisted in the military in 1980 and was selected for an officer program. Doug completed his BA in Business Administration and his MS in Public Administration, and became a naval officer, spending just under 40 years in the Navy, with 5 different commands. He retired in 2018, then spent two years at Blue Origin before accepting a new position as the Vice President of Test and Launch Operations for ASTRA Space Co. in 2022.


Doug's wife has been by his side throughout his journey, including 23 years while he was deployed. Doug also has two sons, and four grandchildren. 

A fun fact about Doug is that he was featured on the Discovery Channel’s Mighty Ships series while commanding the USS Gravely. They filmed him for eight days and only had to bleep him once!

To learn more about Doug, you can watch his feature in the All American Leadership Interview Series:

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