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  • Serve our Nation and Army as a Career Army officer

  • President of the Board of Directors of a Veteran-Serving Nonprofit

  • Leadership, Training, Teamwork, and Trust Make Me “Tick.”

  • Prepared and Excited to Help Teams and Their Members Get Better Every Day

Hi! I’m Greg Stone. I’m a leader and contributor who is privileged to be a member of the All American Leadership team. I’ve had amazing opportunities in leadership, management, training and team building. I was honored to serve our Nation and Army as a career Army officer; I currently serve as the President of the Board of Directors of a veteran-serving nonprofit. I’ve also had the chance to serve as an interim Executive Director in the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization and as Deputy General Manager for a $55M division of the $1.9B Cubic Corp.

Organizations and the great people who comprise them are today faced with tough, complex challenges… I’m prepared and excited to help teams and their members get better every day. I recognize the immense impact of the entire range of stakeholders committed to organizational excellence. I listen, I care for those who are being led, I work to shape the future and deliver results. I know the imperative of strong relationships and accountability. I’ve had outstanding success committing to the incredible people who form our teams. I’m committed to a bedrock foundation of personal and professional integrity; I believe with all my heart that trust is the underpinning of greatness.

Leadership, training, teamwork, and trust make me “tick.” I received a Master of Science Degree in Human Organization Science from Villanova University; I received my Bachelor of Science Degree from the US Military Academy at West Point. I was honored to serve as the Commandant of Cadets at The Citadel in Charleston, SC; I also had the incredible chance to serve my alma mater as Chief of Staff and Deputy Commandant for the US Corps of Cadets at West Point.

Regardless of any of my professional accomplishments, far and away the accomplishment for which I am most proud is that of father (and grandfather) to my family and husband for 38-years to an amazing Army mom. All four of my children (2-sons and 2-daughters) were commissioned officers in the US Army on graduation from college; both daughters, in turn, married Army officers. Each of them, daughters, sons, and son-in-laws alike, served one or more combat tours in Iraq or Afghanistan. They know the privilege of leading our Nation’s young people; they inspire me each and every day to want to be a leader of excellence.


I’m confident in my skills and thrilled to have joined All American Leadership. I know I can make an impact…I know I can help make a difference.

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