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  • Sergeant in the US Marine Corps

  • U.S. Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC)

  • Investigative Analyst at Cellebrite

  • Emergency Medical Technician

  • CEO/ Founder of Southern Cross Inc.

Joseph Malone is a personal safety consultant that provides lifesaving violence prevention and response training to private citizens and corporations.


Joe comes from a background of petty street crime and teenage drug abuse that landed him in a juvenile behavioral modification program. After barely graduating from high school, Joe joined the Marines in 2006. Eventually, Joe went on to become a member of the newly formed, Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC Raiders).


In total, Joe deployed 7 times to numerous countries, including all major combative theatres, including Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.


After 13 years in the military, Joe left the Marine Special Operations Command to start his training company Southern Cross to pursue a career in helping everyday Americans develop skills and knowledge to keep themselves and loved ones safe against violent criminals.


Joe has a bachelor’s degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Management, is an international board Certified Protection Professional (CPP) through ASIS, is a Nationally Registered EMT, a Certified Mobile Forensics Examiner (CCME), a NAUI certified Rescue diver, a certified technical rescue team leader, an NRA firearms instructor, ASHI CPR and First-Aid Instructor, and Illinois Conceal Carry Firearms Instructor, a Federal Firearms Licensed weapons dealer, NRA certified Range Safety officer, and Founder of Southern Cross Safety Academy.


Since leaving the military, he has trained thousands of citizens and hundreds of police and military personnel across the globe. He is a published program content creator for Special Operations Digital Intelligence in the specialty of battlefield mobile phone intelligence exploitation and analysis. He has written a book titled, The Women’s Safety Guide, and continues to provide valuable service to schools and corporations to include Fortune 500 companies across America.


Joe now focuses on providing customized training programs to corporations and private citizens through his own coaching program on ways they can prepare for and prevent violence.

To learn more about Joe, you can watch his feature in the All American Leadership Interview Series:

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