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  • Army Ranger; Commanded Paratroopers at Platoon, Company and Battalion levels

  • Master of Arts degree in Leadership Development from the United States Military Academy

  • Leadership trainer, speaker and coach

  • Author of the International Best Seller Leadership in Balance: The Fulcrum-Centric Plan for Emerging and High Potential Leaders

Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Mike Lerario has been a student and practitioner of leadership for nearly 40 years. A 1983 Graduate of the United States Military Academy, Mike served 23 years as an Infantry Officer before retiring from the Army in 2006. He deployed in combat operations with conventional and special operations forces, both as a soldier and as a civilian. His most recent deployment was to Afghanistan in 2014 where he served as Senior Advisor to the Commander of ISAF Joint Command (IJC).

Since retiring from active duty, he has worked as a consultant for the government and for private industry, helping to solve difficult problems and to prepare people and organizations for success in ambiguous and challenging environments. His greatest interest lies in leader assessments and development as well as the recruiting, assessment and selection and training (RAST) of high performing individuals. He serves as an Adjunct Researcher to The RAND Corporation and is an Adjunct Faculty member of Fayetteville State University in the MBA program teaching organizational leadership. He also has a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.


In October of 2016, Mike published Leadership in Balance: The Fulcrum-centric Plan for Emerging and High Potential Leaders. He also designed and developed the Leadership Fulcrum Assessment© as a tool to help leaders understand their natural tendencies in the four essential leadership domains of Communications, Adaptability, Focus and Influence


He has a BS in General Engineering and a MA in Leadership Development, both degrees from the United States Military Academy, West Point, NY.

You can learn more about Mike by watching his feature in the All American Leadership Interview Series:

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