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Better Humans Better Performance

Build a sustainable high-performance culture around the seven classical virtues

Virtue is more than a word: It’s a way for us all to live, a way to flourish as human beings. And when applied to organizational life, virtue serves to enhance engagement, strengthen teamwork, and foster success in business. Better Humans, Better Performance connects the classical virtues―Trust, Compassion, Courage, Justice, Temperance, Wisdom, and Hope―with science that can help you achieve results in areas such as:

  • Cultivating excellence in leadership

  • High performing teams

  • Cultures that drive performance outcomes

  • Character education for families

  • Integrity as a growth market

  • The science of resiliency

  • Coaching, deliberate practice, and habits of high performance

Better Humans, Better Performance is a practical guide to achieving individual, team, and organizational performance.


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