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Inspiring and motivating your executive team to commit to excellence is not an easy task. Most organizations are aware of the need to do so. Recently, Thought Leadership League conducted a survey of executives asking what factors lead to a good culture. When asked to pick the factors that contribute to a great culture, 86% of all participants selected as one of the most important Executive Team Commitment.

The question is, how do we inspire executive team commitment? Experts believe that one of the most important behaviors that signal commitment is Collaboration.

Possibly one of the most common challenges in today’s organizations is the lack of collaboration between groups within an organization.

Different departments have a tendency to want to assert their independence and worth and refuse to collaborate with other departments. One team may compete for the resources or recognition against other teams. Information is not shared, customers are not well-served, and work frequently gets stalled.

This conflict and lack of synergy often frustrates and discourages everyone in your organization. Those who are doing the right thing grow to resent those who are closed and distant.

So, how do you get your organization to Collaborate? All American Leadership believes it starts and ends with the Executive team.

Leaders who promote a high level of cooperation within their work group and between their work group and other groups create a positive and productive atmosphere in the organization. They lead by example. When leaders demonstrate that they can achieve objectives that require a high level of inter-group cooperation, synergy is created and every employee enjoys the work experience.

Walking the walk to an Elite Culture is not easy. It takes time, effort, and commitment for your executive team to lead the way.


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