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Culture Killer

Do you have a Culture Killer in your Midst? A team member who is holding back your organization from building an Elite culture?

There are some subtle signs of a culture killer:

  • Bad behavior. Saying they agree with and buy into the mission and strategies of your company when their actions are completely opposite.

  • Whispering in the corner with other employees rather than openly discussing or confronting problems.

  • Poor behavior during meetings, i.e. inattention, constant phone/computer checking, window gazing.

  • Poor body language and facial expressions.

  • Making light of, trivializing, or outright criticizing of the mission and goals of other executives.

  • Negative tones of voice or constant use of negative words.

  • Conducting unauthorized or exclusive side meetings, going off script and avoiding collaboration.

It’s time to eradicate nonconstructive culture killers from our organizations. If necessary, partner with at least one other person to raise ideas, provide feedback, open up lines of communication, constructively confront bad behavior, and take action.

Recognize and eliminate these signs of discord in your department or work group even if you feel you can’t influence the overall organization. Lead from within to change eradicate culture killing and empower you and your team to create an Elite culture.

All American Leaders understands that propelling your particular organization to an Elite Culture status and maintaining that status is a difficult process that is worth the effort. AAL seeks to Inspire, Empower, and Challenge leaders to build and maintain elite cultures (we do this for the positive mutual benefit of all stakeholders: employees, customers, investors, suppliers, families, communities and society). We want to effectively and consistently create the conditions for developing empathic Leaders of Character and Elite Organizational Cultures.

AAL can help you avoid or reform Culture Killers and maintain an Elite Organization. Learn more about what other executives feel makes a good culture.


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