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Develop and Support Others

You want to instill and promote the drive to achieve a great culture. Great companies don’t settle for good culture. They strive to be beyond good, beyond great, they strive to have an ELITE culture. But Elite cannot be obtained without teamwork.

Recently, the Thought Leadership League conducted a survey of executives asking what factors lead to a good culture. When asked to pick the factors that contribute to a great culture, 86% of all participants selected as one of the most important Executive Team Commitment.

Zenger/Folkman, through their research, has identified the nine behaviors that, if improved, will have the greatest impact on commitment. One of these is the ability to develop and support others.

When leaders work with employees and push them to develop new skills and abilities, they are building higher levels of employee satisfaction and commitment.

Employees who develop new skills become higher performers and are more productive. Effective leaders are not jealous of others’ success, they are thrilled by it.

Leaders can promote greater employee development by creating a learning environment in which people are encouraged to learn from mistakes, take the time to analyze their successes, and understand what went well.

Development and continuous learning must happen throughout the organization in order for greatness to be obtained.

AAL seeks to Inspire, Empower, and Challenge leaders to build and maintain elite cultures (we do this for the positive mutual benefit of all stakeholders: employees, customers, investors, suppliers, families, communities and society). We want to effectively and consistently create the conditions for developing empathic Leaders of Character and Elite Organizational Cultures.

AAL can help you dig deep, deeper and continue digging to maintain an Elite Organization.



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