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Effective Leadership - Three Factors That Lead to Elite Culture

Great companies don’t settle for good culture. They strive to be beyond good, beyond great, they strive to have an ELITE culture. The challenge is to push beyond the typical outline of what is good and to achieve a “best in class” attitude and action that permeates the whole organization.

Recently, Thought Leadership League conducted a survey of executives asking what factors lead to a good culture. When asked to pick the most important factors that contribute to a great culture, 86% of all participants selected:

• Clear and Effective Communication • Executive Team Commitment • Humility, Empathy, and Integrity of Leaders

These top three most selected factors relate to effective leadership, reinforcing the importance the executive teams have when it comes to creating great workplace cultures. Improving your workplace culture is not a one shot action. Achieving an elite culture requires effective leadership and constant energy to maintain.

All American Leadership knows the final process for creating a good culture is unique to each organization because the people are different, however the basic steps are the same. Saying you want to create a “good culture” is a good start, executing a plan to achieve “elite culture” is the goal.

Examining these three factors more in depth and digging deep can help you to develop leaders who focus on inspiring, empowering and challenging their teams around their organizational purpose to create a focused commitment toward their mission and vision thereby fulfilling their purpose.


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