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Inspire and Motivate Others

Recently, the Thought Leadership League conducted a survey of executives asking what factors lead to a good culture. When asked to pick the factors that contribute to a great culture, 86% of all participants selected as one of the most important Executive Team Commitment. Part of achieving executive team commitment is to practice inspiring and motivating others.

How do we inspire and motivate other people?

First it takes the will and the energy to do so. Leaders who are effective at motivating typically exude enthusiasm. They meet difficulty optimistically as an opportunity to improve and strengthen their organization.

Formally going through the actions and focusing on the mundane day to day tasks of a job description doesn’t cut it. Inspiration has to be believed and the energy needs to be felt. Unlocking the potential in your team and motivating everyone to an additional level of effort can mean the difference between a “decent” culture and an “elite” culture.

Without inspiration, employees do an adequate job. However, when inspiration is a focus, leaders can motivate an under-performing team to achieve greatness.

Being good takes commitment. Being Great takes sustained commitment. Having an Elite Culture goes even further.

All American Leaders wants you to strive to be beyond good, beyond great, strive to have an ELITE culture. The challenge is to push beyond the typical outline of what is good and to achieve a “best in class” attitude and action that permeates the whole organization.



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