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The Communication Trip

You come home and announce to your family that you are taking them on a trip. You tell them to pack a bag. You don’t tell them where to. You don’t tell them for how long. You tell them to get in the car and buckle up. How good do you think this trip will be? How successful do you think they will be in packing? What are the chances you will make it to your final destination?

That’s what poor communication does to an organization.

Not giving your team direction on where your organization is going and how you intend on getting there is a recipe for failure. Not communicating when there is a change in plans, or a new difficulty arises makes it very difficult to find direction and overcome road blocks.

According to the Thought Leadership League’s recent research survey on workplace cultures, 98% of all participants believe a great workplace culture is a significant driver of success. When asked to pick the most important factors that contribute to a great culture, 86% of all participants selected “Clear and Effective Communication”.

All American Leaders believes an essential part of achieving a great culture is open and honest communication. Are you informing your executives where they are going? Are you communicating what to pack? The plan? Possible obstacles you might be facing?

All American Leadership (AAL) recognizes that Elite Cultures begin and end with the Executive team. We aim to accelerate business success through Purpose, Culture & Leadership. Our dynamic team embraces the very best of both traditional thinking and the most current wisdom on how communicate more effectively and achieve Elite performance. Contact one of our team members to find out where the next Forum on Culture will be, join the conversation.


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