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Walk the Talk

You want your organization to go beyond good, you want them to be Great. If everybody knew how, we would all have great cultures. It’s not easy achieving greatness.

In previous blogs, we discussed the need for Executive Team Commitment that was identified by the Thought Leadership League as one of the most important factors leading to a good culture, and the behaviors that instill commitment.

These behaviors will not be continued by an executive team unless they “Walk the Talk”.

Executive leaders must be honest and act with integrity. They must have character and empathy for all of their team and the customers they serve in everything they do. Leaders need to be role models and set a good example for all.

Leaders create cynicism and lose trust when they say one thing and do another, such as telling employees that the budget is tight and to curb all expenditures, but then proceed to stay in 5 star hotels and eat in expensive restaurants. They must hold themselves as accountable as they expect their team members to be.

Every leader needs to look at their behavior critically and ask the question, “Am I walking my talk?” Leading by example is an excellent start to achieving an Elite Culture.


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