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Who has the Greatest Impact on Culture?

According to the Thought Leadership League’s recent on workplace cultures, 98% of all participants believe a great workplace culture is a significant driver of success. However, when asked to estimate the number of organizations with a great culture, only 3.1% of the survey executives and HR professionals believe most organizations meet the criteria. Understanding who has the greatest impact on culture was an important aspect of the survey.

When asked to rate who within an organization significantly impacts culture, 85% of all participants rate the executive team as having significant impact.

45% of participants rated Immediate Supervisors as having a significant impact followed by Human Resources with 38%.

In many ways, this is to be expected as Immediate Supervisors directly impact the day-to-day tasks of most employees within any organization and HR impacts day-to-day policy. However, the degree of impact is less significant. Immediate Supervisors and HR play an important role in creating and changing culture but the role of the executive team is essential.

When it comes to who has the greatest impact on culture, the results are clear: executive leaders are the key players when it comes to impacting and changing culture. All American Leadership agrees with the opinion of the Thought Leadership League that the elements required to create a great culture are well defined and can be used to create a formula for the essentials of a great culture.

A Great Culture = Effective Communication + Empathic and Engaged Executives + Clear Direction + Holding People Accountable to the Direction

Although the elements are known, the challenge remains implementing and sustaining the essential elements of a great culture.


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