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Who Makes a Great Culture?

Everyone typically agrees that one of the keys to a business organization surviving and thriving is to have a great culture. All American Leadership wants to know what creates a good culture, a great culture and the ultimate goal… An Elite Culture? Who drives great culture? And most importantly… How?

People are the heart of most organizations and provide the energy, initiative, and commitment necessary for organizations to achieve their business objectives. To achieve the highest performance from people, a great workplace culture is essential.

According to the Thought Leadership League’s recent research survey on workplace cultures, 98% of all participants believe a great workplace culture is a significant driver of success. However, when asked to estimate the number of organizations with a great culture, only 3.1% of the survey executives and HR professionals believe most organizations meet the criteria.

This begs the question of why? If culture is seen as an overwhelming business advantage, why do so few organizations report having great cultures?

Understanding who has the greatest impact on culture was an important aspect of the survey. When asked to rate who within an organization significantly impacts culture, 85% of all participants rate the executive team as having significant impact.

Executive leaders are the key players when it comes to impacting and changing culture.

All American Leadership knows the final process for creating a good culture is unique to each organization because the people are different, however the basic steps are the same. Saying you want to create a “good culture” is a good start, executing a plan to achieve “elite culture” is the goal.


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