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Teamwork, Culture

All American Leadership

Inspiring, Empowering and Challenging Leaders to Create and Sustain High-performing Cultures


To Inspire, Empower and Challenge leaders to create and sustain high-performing cultures.


We start by INSPIRING people to WANT to do something important. We then EMPOWER them with the tools, competence  and confidence to execute, and lastly, we CHALLENGE them to get out there and DO something that matters. 


We believe (and our experience validates) that the ability to achieve and sustain high performance is within the grasp of virtually any organization.


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Character – Who I am, and how I intend to show up as a leader, teammate, partner and human (with Integrity, Humility, Resilience, Adaptability).

Empathy – The essence of our humanity, to demonstrate a deep and authentic sense of caring, curiosity and connection with those around us.

Trust – A commitment to being trustworthy, and to be trusting.

Ownership – Always assuming accountability of a little more than my share of any task, objective or relationship.

Learning – In a world of accelerating change, we will always be curious and maintain a commitment to growing together.

“The daily grind can cause a leader to lose focus on the important things. It was most beneficial to take this time to get reenergized! The content was timely and fresh, sparking new ideas that I can immediately take back to my organization!”

- General Manager
Etowah Utilities, Etowah, TN
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Leader Development From Leaders Who Have Led

All American Leadership is a unique team of experienced leaders, committed to investing the focused energy and guidance needed to inspire every individual and team we work with, empower them with the tools they need, and challenge them to achieve extraordinary things.



We are committed to helping you define, measure and unleash your full potential...Whether of your individual character or your organizational culture.​

All American Leadership comes prepared with a fully reasoned and comprehensive format for each of our programs. Of equal importance, our approach is dynamic, enabling us to take the conversation where it needs to go, versus creating a rigid checklist of topics that may, or may not, produce the highest value in the moment. This approach is empowered through in-depth exploration of our proven model, or “trifecta,” for success: Trust, Alignment and Performance

Beginning with an environment that promotes psychological safety and belonging, we help individuals and teams embrace a sense of vulnerability, and a willingness to lean into uncertainty in the spirit of growth and discovery.


Once trust has been established, we begin to orient the organization around a common purpose and a commitment to shared values that define standards to be lived and celebrated within a culture of behavioral integrity. 


Lastly, these foundational elements are leveraged to maximize the potential of existing intent, habits and structure.  



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The AAL developmental framework expands upward and outward with ever increasing scope and impact.


Starting with Leading Self, we begin at the core of the individual. “Who Am I, how did I get here, and

who do I intend to be?” What do I stand for, how do I intend to show up as an individual, a leader,

teammate, spouse, parent, partner and human? At this foundational level we emphasize clarity around

‘my’ personal purpose and values.


From there, we move to Leading IN Relationships, where we examine how we show up and connect with

others. Emphasizing the importance of empathy and connection as foundational tools to establish and maintain trust with those around us.

These expand into Leading IN Teams, where the focus is on how to we communicate what must be done, why it is important, and provide granular clarity around what success looks like. In this phase, we also stress the importance and potential of ‘leading up’ or providing leadership in the absence of positional authority or title.

Finally, we come full circle in Leading IN Organizations where we help individuals create linkage between how our personal purpose can support the organizational WHY, and how to support a strong culture that is strategically resilient and adaptable in a world that is increasingly volatile, uncertain and complex.

Additionally, you will note the strategic insertion of the wordIN’ at each developmental stage. This is included to emphasize the importance of recognizing that there are times where we need to lead, AND times where we need to step back and create the space for others to step in and lead as appropriate.

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